Ho Brothers, LLC

What do we do? We are a full-service fine jewelry manufacturing company focused on helping jewelry retailers scale their made to order product line or custom business. Who do we serve? We serve about 250 independent jewelry companies across the United States and we pride ourselves in having strong relationships with the customers we serve. We are a boutique manufacturer that is not “too big”, but fully capable of getting “big things” done. History: Founded by Allan and Henry Ho, the “Ho Brothers”, come from a large family of well respected jewelers originating from Hong Kong. In the 1980’s, much of the Ho Family settled in Chicago setting up their own independent trade shops on Jewelers Row. Well known family shops included Howard Ho Jewelers, Heng Diamond Setters, and Tommy Ho Jewelers. From these family shops, the Ho Brothers were able to learn all technical facets of the jewelry trade. As children, both brothers spent their free time between homework and apprenticing with family members learning the art of traditional jewelry making. After years of apprenticing traditional techniques, the brothers began exploring CAD design and 3D printing. As the youngest and most technology proficient members of the family, the initial intention was to service members of the family trade. After several outside jewelry companies requested their CAD and model making services, they quickly recognized the opportunity to scale custom manufacturing services to retailers. They began to develop processes and special manufacturing procedures to focus on helping retailers scale their made to order and custom business. Their efforts were successful, their client base grew solely from word of mouth to over 250 retailers across the United States. In 2019, Ho Brothers Asia Limited was formed in Hong Kong to help expand capabilities and assist Ho Brothers (Chicago) with its growing operations. Along with a focus on craftsmanship, technology, and service, Ho Brothers operates on it's core values of “PICQI”: Professionalism, Integrity, Collaboration, Quality, & Innovation.