CAD Design

CAD is used for the majority of our custom work. Designs begin as a simple sketch or picture, then a 3D model is created using CAD software. Each design is specifically tailored to client needs. When the CAD design is complete, a picture known as a “CAD rendering”  will be sent to you for approval before manufacturing. Our team is experienced in Matrix/Rhino, Z-Brush, and JewelCAD. We have produced 100,000+ custom CAD designs throughout the years. CAD designs are always the intellectual property of our customers. We will never share or make public our customer’s designs.

CAD 3D Scanning for Jewelry

While most manufacturers do not have this technology, we have the ability to do high resolution 3D scanning/reverse engineering for organic models. This technology is perfect for scanning existing objects, coins, or figures and scaling it down in size or applying it to a particular surface of a design. We also utilize this technology for fitted wedding bands. In some situations where we do not have the CAD file of an existing engagement ring, we will 3D scan the engagement ring to get the profile and geometry and build a fitted wedding band in CAD. This technology does not automatically “create CAD designs” for us, but it gives our designers accurate geometries to build around. This technology enhances accuracy.

eLUX3D Jewelry Scanner

Sarine Scanning for Stones

Very few manufacturers have this technology in-house. We use our Sarine scanner to 3D scan fancy shaped stones. This allows us to build CAD models with very high accuracy and precision. The CAD design is built with exact fitment to the center stone. The Sarine scanner is built specifically to scan gemstones.

3D Printing

We print professional quality 3D models. We utilize the latest in 3D printing technology. We have several DWS and Projet 3D printers. Our 3D printed models are fully castable and produce excellent casting results. Depending on the geometry of the design, we will determine which machine is best suited for printing that design.

Projet MJP 2500W


We cast daily in sterling silver, gold, and platinum. We cast using atmosphere controlled induction casting machines. The technology allows us to have dense and high quality castings with minimal to no porosity. Since the casting cycles are automated and programmed into the machines, it allows us to produce consistently high quality castings.

Stone Setting

We are experts in stone setting and utilize the latest technologies including microscopes and pneumatic gravers. Our master setters have an average of 20+ years of experience and are well known in the Chicago area for our top quality stone setting.


Laser Engraving

We have laser engraving technology on premise. Our machine is perfect for engraving crisp text and logos for high end jewelry brands.

Laser Welding

We have 3 laser welding machines on premise. We use this to assemble pieces with high accuracy and precision. Often in pieces with gallery designs, we will cast them in separate pieces, therefore, we can polish the inside of the gallery, then we will assemble the gallery afterwards utilizing laser welding. This results in a higher quality finish for the piece.


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