Are you considering Ho Brothers for a vendor partnership? 

What is your turnaround time?

  • Most jobs can be completed in 15 business days from the time of approval or 7 business days on a RUSH timeline. 
  • Special designs and circumstances can apply that affect the turnaround times. RUSH production will incur additional fees.

Will I own my designs?

  • Yes! Any design we create for our retail partners is the sole intellectual property of that retailer. Under no circumstance will Ho Brothers ever reuse or recycle designs from one retailer to another.
  • You are entitled to all your source CAD files should you ever need to shift to a new manufacturer.

How do I know my goods are protected?

  • Ho Brothers facility features 24 Hour security, more than 70 HD cameras and several safes to separate customer valuables from on going projects and internal stock.
  • Ho Brothers also carries a multimillion dollar insurance plan to cover all goods in house.

What is our 100% risk-free guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality, accuracy, or we miss the promised deadline of the first job we will issue a complete refund and provide you with the CAD design free of charge so you can fill your customers request on time.

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