1. Submission

Submit your project request by email

2. CAD

Receive CAD images & 3D interactive viewer in 24-48 hours with pricing and your logo
Work with your Account Manager on revisions until the design is approved

3. WAX (optional)

If needed, we can deliver a wax to your store in 48 hours for your customer to try on

4. Production

Rush production 7 business days
Standard production 15 business days with your logo
Monitor updates and progress in CustomHub portal

5. Delivery

Insured shipping
UPS or FedEx
Overnight or 2 day
Access your tracking number in CustomHub

Focus on your sales and customer relationships and let us take care of the rest.





Effortless systems & unwavering consistency

Find out how to grow your custom manufacturing today!

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CustomHub TM

Our proprietary software featuring robust business intelligence data, integrated job communication, real-time tracking, and 3D render viewing. Streamlining the entire manufacturing process.



100% Risk-Free Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality, accuracy, or we miss the promised deadline of the first job we will issue a complete refund and provide you with the CAD design free of charge so you can fill your customers request on time.

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Risk Free Guarantee


Over the years we have created strategic partnerships with more than 300 retailers in the United States helping them scale their businesses. 

Jim Fleming

AAA Jewelry & Diamond

I could write essays on how much Ho Brothers has helped us through the years, but I can sum up our association with three words Creativity, Craftsmanship and Professionalism. Ho Brothers has made my life easy for over 15 years.

Denise Oros

Linnea Jewelers

Nothing compares to the professionalism and customer service that is exhibited by each and every representative of the team. My store reached record sales this year, even though my competition- literally down the block had a 70% going out-of-business sale. 

Chicagoland Jeweler

The Ho Brothers staff are fabulous to work with. They are conscientious, meticulous and have NEVER missed a deadline, even if the deadline was unreasonable from our end. We have been in business almost 50 years and working with Ho Brothers has been the BEST shop experience we have ever had. Thank you all for making our day, every day.

Claire Cowan

Gage Diamonds

I cannot recommend Ho Brothers enough! The quality of their work is unmatched and the entire team is collaborative, communicative, and trustworthy. They not only deliver the best product possible, but work hard to build a lasting partnership and constantly look for ways to improve business on both sides. I am so grateful to have found Ho Brothers!

Amy Evans

Wisconsin Jeweler

Always fast to respond if a file needs attention and has always kept me up to date on rush projects! Also, you guys really have people there that go above and beyond the "norm" and it's so reassuring because my team is the same way! We are so grateful to have your team in our corner!!! Thanks again for everything!!!

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