1. What is your turnaround time?
Since all products are made to order, it will depend on the job specifics, however, the majority of jobs fall under 1-3 business for CAD design. Once you “approve” the CAD design, we have 2 levels of production available. The first is “Standard Production” which is usually 15 business days. The second is “Rush” Production” which is usually 5-7 business days with some additional cost.

2. Do you share my designs with others or use them for your own benefit?
Although many prefer to do business with a handshake, this is a part of the signed manufacturer’s agreement we have with each of our customers. Once a design is completed it becomes your intellectual property

3. Do you have any limitations in production?
While all companies have limitations, as a full process custom jewelry maker we can handle every step from CAD design to final polish. We also have additional capabilities like CAD 3D scanning, Sarine Gem scanning, Lab grown/synthetic stone detection, as well as laser welders and laser engraving.

4. How do I know my valuables are safe?
We have a fully integrated ERP system in place to keep track of all inventory, jobs, and customer’s valuables. Everything is logged in our systems and we have a full record of every employee that works on each job.
We have a secure process for handling customers' valuables. The moment valuables enter our facility, They’re opened under camera and the goods are documented in our systems. Center stones are photographed and scanned in our Sarine Scanner which scans every facet of the stone, therefore, helping us identify the stone and also have accurate measurements to create a CAD design from. Once the valuables are documented, center stones are stored in a separate vault until needed in the production process to avoid unnecessary movement of valuables. We will explain further about facility security measures in another question.

5. Do you have security systems in your facility?
Our Chicago headquarters is over 3,500 sq ft and is securely monitored with over 70 HD cameras. Every workstation has high resolution cameras installed.
Ho Brothers has multiple security systems and burglar alarms installed on-premise. In addition, we are located in a jeweler’s building in Chicago’s Central Business District with 24 hour building security.

6. Do you have sufficient insurance coverage to protect my goods during your possession?
Yes, we have a multimillion dollar insurance policy underwritten by Hanover Insurance (A Rated).

7. Does your company sell to the general public (retail)?
No, we do not compete with our customers.

8. Do you have a Quality Control process?
Yes, we have dedicated Quality Control staff. Each full-service job goes through 4 QC stages before the job is completed.


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