Make sure you know how your manufacturer would answer these 5 questions

12-11. Do you sell retail?

No, we do not compete with our customers.

2. Who owns the CAD designs?

CAD designs are intellectual property of the customer. We do not sell or share your designs with anyone. Designs are exclusive to your company only.



53. I promised my customer a deadline. How can I know everything is on-track?

We provide clear completion dates. You can monitor the status of the jobs, see the current production stage, and confirm the completion date on CustomHub, our online job management system. 

4. How do I know if I’m getting lab or natural diamonds?

We keep lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds in separate vaulted locations. Additionally, all diamonds are screened through our in-house lab grown diamond detection machine that can separate natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds.



5. What kind of insurance coverage do you carry?

Yes, we have a multimillion Jewelers Block policy through Hanover Insurance (A+ rated). Many smaller shops often do not have any coverage at all. Documentation is another important aspect of coverage. Many shops do not document the values properly and would have difficulty in the event of an insurance claim. We document all valuables in our system and photograph upon receiving them to comply with insurance standards.



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